So I made a thing! :3




Garment made by: Kake (Kayla Kerry)

Presented at the Richard Robinson Grand Premiere 2015

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/kakesdesign

Here are some pictures from last nights 2015 Grand Premiere (Richard Robinson) where I was presenting for the very first time my first ever clothing collection named Kuro. I am officially a graduate and a Fashion Designer and so very proud!


Hola there! The annual fashion show Grand Premiere 2015 (for Richard Robinson) will be taking place in only 19 DAYS, on may 9th at 7:30pm at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum (OTTAWA/ON)! I will be part of the fashion show as a fashion designer and graduate showing off my Kuro collection for the very first time! If you are interested in attending or can’t and are just interested in seeing my stuff, you can check out my Facebook page where I post sneak peeks of my sowing, sketches and accessories!

FB PAGE: www.facebook.com/kakesdesign

*Picture: eyepatch made by me, part of Ciel’s outfit! πŸ™‚


Hola there, here is a sneek peak of my something shiny for my collection!

if you are interested in what I do, or just in fashion/artsy stuff and you’d like to see some more stuff (clothings, fabrics, sketches and all) or if you’d simply want to support me (if so, I’d give you the biggest internet hug ever!), you can go like my facebook page!! I post pictures and post’s weekly! πŸ™‚





Here are some fabrics that I’ll be using for my 4th and final piece for my collection this year (called Alois)!

– Green: Duppioni silk

– White: Silk




HOLA THERE! I just wanted to post a sneek peak of the dress that I am currently working on! :3

Quick description: It’s a basic top with a boob window and a low back with a big circular skirt!! and it is all made out of silk, satin and mesh (plus laceeeee)!

This will all be shown in the GRAND PREMIERE 2015 fashion show at the Aviation Museum (Ottawa,ON) on may 9th!

HEYA there everyone! πŸ™‚
Let me tell you a little bit about myself!! My name is Kayla; so I’m currently finishing my studies as a fashion designer at Richard Robinson fashion design academy in Ottawa Ontario! And for my ‘graduation’ I’m making my own collection (clothing line) that will be showed in the Grand premier 2015 (a fashion show!!) So, I made my first Facebook page named KAKE wich is Short for: KAyla KErry, and it’s pronounced like Cake!! Genious, right? anyhow, the point it, if ever you’d like to go check it out and maybe like my page/leave some comment wte on what you think on my stuff, it would be greatly greatly greaaaaaatly appreciated! I post pictures of the clothes I’ve made in the past, some sneakpeak of stuff I’m working on right now, some of my sketches etc etc! πŸ˜€ If you like fashion, or art of anykind, look it up :3 anyhow, thank you so much if you even just took the time to read this post!

The Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/kakesdesign

ps: I’m ever so sorry if my English is kinda suckish, I’m actually french! anw, have a great day, xoxox


yaay, this is a picture of a dress I’ve made as a student of the Richard Robinson fashion design academy! It was shown at the Grand Premier 2014 at the Hilton Inn at Lac Lemey :3
GAAAHHH I’mma proud mama of my dresses. yes, mama. ahahaha anyhooooowww, this dress was inspired by crosses, because I’m really obsessed with them, and with my step father passing away, it has a really deep meaning for me! ❀